Maya Lützhøft

Personal trainer and dietician

My name is Maya Lützhøft, I am a trained personal trainer, dietician and nurse. In addition, I run the health blog, and in 2018 I published the book “Et sundt år” (A healthy year) that contains inspiration and motivation for a sustainable lifestyle change. Both on my blog and in my book, I share a lot of healthy recipes, exercise programs and tips for a healthy lifestyle. Training must be fun and challenging – and healthy food must taste good. My passion is health promotion and I love to see how my clients integrate health into their everyday lives. My approach to health is anything but fanatic. I believe that everyone with small steps can make their everyday lives healthier, which will affect their body and wellbeing both now and in the longer term.

Gustav Salinas

Personal trainer and online coach

My name is Gustav Salinas. In 2015, I got an education as a personal trainer, dietician, fitness instructor and weight loss coach and I am now the owner of FitnessNu. I have specialized in weight loss and have helped hundreds of Danes to come into the shape of their lives over the past couple of years. In 2017, I published a professional book in collaboration with the publisher Politikens Forlag, entitled “Ta’ dit liv tilbage” (Take Your Life Back), and the book is based on three of my most successful weight loss cases. The reason I have chosen to work with LinusPro is that I emphasise quality and think that LinusPro’s products are both superior and of a very high quality, and I have therefore sworn by their products for a long time.

Anne Lindfjeld

Fitness athlete and model

I work as a model and have previously worked as a television host. Exercise and training has always been important to me so that I can stay fit. In recent years, my training has begun to fill a lot and I have been educated as a personal trainer. I have a very active and busy working life, and it is very important that I get the right dietary supplements for my training and recovery.

Mascha Vang

Blogger, model and entrepreneur

In my everyday life, I’m incredibly busy with my many different projects. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to have time to get the right diet. The products from LinusPro Nutrition help me get the proper supplements and healthy snacks on the go.